Wildcat Summer Camp

It's where the good get better...


Welcome to the 21th annual 2020 Wildcat Cheer Clinic. Kindergarten through Fifth grade girls will learn cheer fundamentals, have a lot of fun, and experience cheering at an NVHS football game!



Shirts available for EARLY BIRDS ONLY

Dates: July 28th-29th

CLINIC TIMES 3:00- 5:00pm
2:45 ----- Registration/Sign in (Drop off at the Birkett Freshman Campus)
3:00 --- Cheer Fundamentals
5:00 ---- Dismissal at the front of the building
Clinic Attire K-5th: Each cheerleader should wear athletic shoes, white socks, dark shorts or sweatpants, hair in a pony-tail. 

FOOTBALL GAME - September 18th, 2020

5:15---Drop off Future Wildcat Cheerleaders

(Drop off at NV football field on the track by the scoreboard)

5:15-5:45--- Review cheers with NV Cheerleaders
5:45---Performance during halftime of sophomore game

Game Attire: Each cheerleader will receive a Wildcat T-shirt to wear at the game and should wear athletic shoes, white socks, and athletic pants with hair in a pony-tail.

Cost: $80 (w/ Early Bird Discount)

$90 after July 11th

(Sorry No Refunds)

No T-shirts will be given to participates that register past July 11th. 

NO Exceptions

If you have any questions about the clinic please email Kathy Tichelbaut at [email protected]

 Register Now  

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