Wildcat Summer Camp

It's where the good get better...

2021 Summer Cheerleading Camp

Welcome to the 22th annual 2021 Wildcat Cheer Clinic. Kindergarten through Fifth grade girls will learn cheer fundamentals, have a lot of fun, and experience cheering at an NVHS football game!



Shirts available for EARLY BIRDS ONLY

Dates: July 27th-28th

CLINIC TIMES 3:00- 5:00pm
2:45 ----- Registration/Sign in (Drop off at the Birkett Freshman Campus)
3:00 --- Cheer Fundamentals
5:00 ---- Dismissal at the front of the building
Clinic Attire K-5th: Each cheerleader should wear athletic shoes, white socks, dark shorts or sweatpants, hair in a pony-tail. 

FOOTBALL GAME - August 27, 2021

5:15---Drop off Future Wildcat Cheerleaders

(Drop off at NV football field on the track by the scoreboard)

5:15-5:45--- Review cheers with NV Cheerleaders
5:45---Performance during halftime of sophomore game

Game Attire: Each cheerleader will receive a Wildcat T-shirt to wear at the game and should wear athletic shoes, white socks, and athletic pants with hair in a pony-tail.

Cost: $80 (w/ Early Bird Discount)

$90 after July 10th

(Sorry No Refunds)

No T-shirts will be given to participates that register past July 11th. 

NO Exceptions

If you have any questions about the clinic please email Kathy Tichelbaut at [email protected]

 Register Now  

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